Do you want to remove the roadblocks that are getting in the way of your success?

Eliminate Procrastination, Boost Your Confidence and Enjoy Your Life More By Creating More Success with the Emotion Elation Engine™!

Emotion Elation Engine

Imagine what you can accomplish when your emotions are aligned with your actions. You can move mountains! Accomplish any goal you set out for with joy and ease! Go to for more information.

Posted by Brett Dupree - Joyous Expansion Life Coaching on Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Align your emotions with your desires to accomplish your goals!

Imagine what you can accomplish if your emotions were behind your desires. Your emotions no longer allowing fear, overwhelm or procrastination stopping you from reaching your goals.

I know what is like, I have spent most of my life too afraid to go for my dreams, too afraid to put myself out there. I would go to a seminar, feel great, only to come back to reality and have my doubts and fears get in my way.

I discovered this technique after years of studying the work of many NLP masters and utilizing them for my gain. I had the dream of being a passionate and energizing speaker like Les Brown.

The problem was I was very shy and I disliked public speaking. I was voted least likely to be a public speaker in high school and I hated the idea of even standing in front of a crowd. I had a calling to spread my message, so I took some advice of Richard Bandler. "If you want someone to feel something, feel it first."

Since I wanted my audience to be inspired and unleash their passions, I used NLP techniques to feel passionate before I spoke. After a while, I noticed something amazing. Not only were people calling me a naturally passionate speaker, I actually started to enjoy speaking.

That is when I realized that I have discovered the key to long-standing success. To get my emotions behind my desires so that my actions will be fun, easy and exciting. I used passion for changing my entire paradigm when it comes to speaking, I have created two more emotion sections to take my life to a whole new level!

You can have that too! You can use the Emotional Elation Engine™ to align your emotions with your desires. Using the power of emotions to change your life! When your emotions are aligned with your desires, you can move mountains!

All the great value inside the Emotional Elation Engine™!

    Emotion Elation Engine is a series of meditations designed to
  • End procrastination,
  • Remove the roadblocks to accomplishing your goals,
  • Increase your life satisfaction,
  • Boost your confidence,
  • Use celebration to create consistent action,
  • Help you enjoy tasks you previous disliked or even feared,
  • Create the life of your dreams faster, easier and with more fun!

"Change Your Life Today!"

Emotion Elation Engine™ will revolutionize your life. You will be able to reach your goals in record time while having an amazing time. I have enjoyed my time with it and look forward to creating more and more positive emotions.

Susan Ortolano, M.A. Relationship Coach & Author of Remarrying Right.

The easiest, most intuitive builder in the industry

Based on anchoring and visualisation techniques, the Emotional Elation Engine™ is designed to be the most innovating self-development tool on the market. Emotional Elation Engine™ is designed to not only be easy to use and effective, Emotional Elation Engine™ is also designed to be extremely fun.

Who is Brett Dupree?

Hi, I am Brett Dupree, the creator of the Emotion Elation Engine™. I am a published author of Joyous Expansion: Unleashing Your Passion to Lead an Inspired Life, International Inspirational Life Coach certified through Invite Change, and Infinite Possibilities trainer.

Personal development and self improvement is my passion. I have coached many people on living their passions and goals. I absolutely love helping people live their passions.

Imagine living your ideal life.

Imagine what you can accomplish if you were able to change your emotional state on a dime. You have spent most of your life thinking that you do not have any control over your emotions. It turns out, your emotions are a part of you, just like your arm. As a baby learning how to grab a ball, you too can learn how to feel the emotion you want on a drop of a dime.

"Create a Better Future."

Emotion Elation Engine™ will help you move more quickly and easily towards what you want. You will build a better future, create more positive emotions, and have an amazing time along the way.

Karen Degen, Author of Heightening Your Happiness – How to Develop the Skill of Enjoying Your Life

Emotion Elation Engine™ Online Course contains so much value!

Emotion Elation Engine™ comes with these sections.

Eliminate Procrastination and Increase Excitement!

Module 1: Inspiration/Anticipation Exercises

Utilize the emotions of anticipation to eliminate procrastination. Imagine a life where you can change the emotion of fear and procrastination to ones of anticipation. The first module takes you through a visualization exercise that will allow you to feel anticipation about any task!
Value: $77

Anticipation Meditation

Having a hard time with procrastination? Want to accomplish your goals quicker? Use the emotions of anticipation and inspiration to take your life to the next level!

Posted by Brett Dupree - Joyous Expansion Life Coaching on Monday, December 7, 2015

Live Life with Ease and Get More Confidence!

Module 2: Ease/Confidence Excercises

Elminate the feeling of overwhelm and self-doubt by utilizing the power of confidence and ease. Take any tasks that were difficult and turn it into tasks that you feel amazing to do. The second module takes you through a visualization exercise that will allow you to feel confidence and ease about any task!
Value: $77

Ease Meditation

Use your emotions of confidence and ease to increase your success. Align your emotions with your actions and move mountains!

Posted by Brett Dupree - Joyous Expansion Life Coaching on Monday, December 7, 2015

Enjoy Your Life and Increase Consistent Action!

Module 3: Elation/Joy

Unleash the power of joy towards your goals. Imagine living in a world where you feel pure joy and elation when you think about accomplishing a task. After a while not only will it be easier for you to do it again, you will become a person who loves to achieve! The third module takes you through a visualization exercise that will allow you to feel joy and elation about any task!
Value: $77

Excitement Meditation Promo

Add excitement to your life. Utilize the emotions of joy and love to increase your accomplishments and make it so you can live the life of your dreams with joy and ease. Become successful through joy!

Posted by Brett Dupree - Joyous Expansion Life Coaching on Monday, December 7, 2015

Manifest Your Dreams!

Bonus: Emotion Engine Manifestation Module

Utilize the Emotion Elation Engine™ and the Law of Attraction to manifest the world you desire. In a simple and fun exercise, you will be taught how to use the emotions you have trained yourself to use to visualize in a way for you to manifest miracles!
Value: $19

Live Your Passion!

Bonus: Passion Mediation

Passion Mediation and exercise to ignite the fires of passion anytime you feel low. Simple and fun exercise that will fill your body with the feeling of passion to take your life to a whole new level of awesome!
Value: $19

When You Sign Up For An Emotional Elation Engine Now, You'll Get:

  • All of the features and modules listed above.
  • Each main module has two main visualization exercises with 6 accelerator visualizations that will take your emotions to a whole new level of effectiveness. That is over 24 guided visualizations that are designed to explode your success!
  • Lifetime access to any new acceleration visualizations and upgrades to the program.

Emotion Elation Engine™ has a value of over $250!!!

My intenion is to make the Emotion Elation Engine™ an affordable online course that anyone can use to make take their lives to the next level. You will not spend $250, you will not spend $200, not even will you buy it for $149.99. Today the Emotion Elation Engine™ is yours for only $97!

"Make Meaningful Positive Changes in Your Life NOW"

Brett Dupree’s Emotional Elation Engine course is not only a step by step guide to recognizing and learning more about your emotional states, but is also a manual for manifesting all you want to create in your life through using the amazing natural energy of the source within us, our passion and our feelings. I loved the interface of the course with the clear content and audios expanding on the topic, making the information sink in and do its work. I would recommend this course to anyone who is serious about making meaningful positive changes in their life starting NOW. I am looking forward to doing the next level course with Brett! Thank you.

Lira Kay Founder of, Walnut Creek, CA

Buy Emotion Elation Engine™ Today And Save Up To 65%

I know Emotion Elation Engine™ is the tool that will allow you to accomplish your goals! Utilize your emotions and move mountains! Act now!

$750 June bonus! 1 hour laser focused Success Mindset coaching session. I will work with you for 1 full hour to get you excite you to action, remove your roadblocks, and get you moving towards success. There will be zero sales pitch, this is 100% full awesome, one-on-one, your time coaching call, full of joy, amazing energy, and will get you closer to reaching your goals!

How does the Emotional Elation Engine™ work?

Emotional Elation Engine™ utilizes NLP techniques to create powerful triggers that will allow you to use emotions to improve your life.

Will there be instant change?

Emotional Elation Engine™ will cause some instant changes. For me, public speaking was a quick and wonderful change. I am also using it for my weight. While I haven't had quick results, I have lost 40lbs and have lost weight for two years in a row for the first time in twenty years. Results are results.

Does the Emotional Elation Engine™ work?

If you have the ability to think of something that makes you happy, and feel happier, Emotional Elation Engine™ will work for you. If you can think of playing with a puppy, hearing a child's laughter, or imagine the look and smell of your favorite food and you feel an emotional response, it will work.

One Last Thing

You would not have read this far if you did not have an important goal in your life you want to accomplish. Now is the time to go for your dreams. I have developed the Emotion Elation Engine™ to help you create the life that you desire. Life is too short.

With the emotions of anticipation to get you to start, ease to make things easier, and celebration to make life fun so that you will have consistent action, you will be able to accomplish almost anything your heart desires. Now is the time. Check out the Emotion Elation Engine™.

Brett Dupree